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Wind-Lock, in use by satisfied pilots for over 30 years.

The Wind-Lock is designed to attach to an aircraft's controls inside the cockpit.

The none-ridged mechanism keeps tension on the Elevators, holding them in the full down position, which normally prevents the aircraft from leaving the ground, regardless of wind direction.  This position also allows moisture to drain from inside the control surface, helping to prevent corrosion.

It also holds the Ailerons in  a streamlined position, allowing resistance without causing damage.  As the wind gusts, resistance is applied.  The harder the wind blows, the more resistance is applied to the controls.  When the wind dies down, the Wind-Lock allows the Ailerons to return to their normal position.  As the load is reduced, the tensioning mechanism reduces pressure on the control yoke.

The Wind-Lock is obvious when installed, and virtually impossible to take off without removing.  The Wind-Lock is not designed as an anti-theft device, and is only intended to prevent wind damage to the control surfaces of parked and tied-down aircraft.  It is chrome-plated, and is designed with simplicity and function in mind.

Developed by a Licensed Pilot who is also an Inspector Authorized Mechanic.

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